South Africa: Twitter Battalion – Zuma and Malema’s Twar On Hanekom Ends in a R500,000 Defamation Suit

Any Struggle veteran or ANC member would rather live with a virulent flesh-eating bacteria than face an accusation of being an ‘agent or spy’. For Derek Hanekom it is a claim by Zuma that stung deeply.

Out of the liminal Twitter woodwork they came, Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, like a twin-headed twar machine, and in one virtual pincer movement over two days in July 2019, targeted former Cabinet minister, ANC member of the NEC and liberation movement stalwart Derek Hanekom.

On 25 July, Jacob Zuma, using the platform of his Twitter account with its 300,000-odd disciples, tapped out:

“I’m not surprised by @Julius_S_Malema’s revelations regarding @Derek_Hanekom. It is part of the plan I mentioned in the Zondo Commission. @Derek_Hanekom is a known enemy agent.”

Two days before, the EFF leader had taken the time to tweet to his 2.5 million virtual followers:

“Hanekom gave us the list of ANC MPs who were going to vote with us in the vote of no confidence against Jacob Zuma.”

Malema also tweeted:

“Today he calls us fascists, but Derek Hanekom plotted with the EFF to bring down President Zuma. The same goes with Solly Mapaila [deputy general secretary to the SACP] too.”…


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Publish date : 2019-08-14 08:06:00

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