South Africa: Police Operations Yield Results

Police officers at KwaMsane were conducting stop and search operations in the early hours of this morning, when they responded to an alarm activated at a cellphone tower in Mchakwini, KwaMsane. The police officers spotted two men who were cutting cables. It is alleged that they opened fire at police and a shoot ensued. The suspects disappeared into nearby bushes during the shootout.

Police seized numerous exhibits from the scene including cables and a battery. During a search of the surrounding area, police officers found the body of one of the suspects who had sustained gunshot wounds. Police investigations are continuing in an attempt to arrest the outstanding suspects.

In Pietermaritzburg yesterday, police officers spotted a vehicle at Dales Street. When police officers approached the vehicle, the occupants abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. The vehicle was searched and suspected stolen cables to the street value of R750,000-00 were seized. Investigation have revealed that the vehicle was stolen at KwaMashu earlier this month.

Yesterday, police officers from the Durban Harbour recovered 59 bags of chemical powder as well as 79 drums containing a chemical liquid that is used in the manufacture of lotions. The goods which were recovered are estimated to be valued at a million rands and were seized from a premises at Clairwood. Investigations have uncovered that these items are from a container which was stolen at the Port Terminal earlier this month. One suspect (30) has been arrested and more arrests are anticipated.


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Publish date : 2019-08-15 14:22:34

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