South Africa: If We Don’t Fix South Africa Soon We’ll All Go Down With It

We cannot continue to obsess about leaked emails and the endless power struggles of ANC factions while our country is facing its biggest threat since the start of our democracy.

If we ignore lessons from other countries, we are doomed to repeat them ourselves. Just north of our border, 2.5-million Zimbabweans are now food insecure and face an awful and uncertain future. By 2020, 5.5-million people will need food assistance. We must learn from this what happens when you gamble with your country’s food security. Elsewhere, Venezuela has become a failed state thanks to a socialist government still clinging to the dream of a system that hasn’t worked anywhere else throughout history. We don’t seem to be paying too much attention to this either.

But even more pertinent right now is the situation in Argentina, where the largest IMF loan in history has forced spending cuts on to the country that are entirely beyond their control. This is what happens when a popular, supposedly business-friendly president (does this sound familiar?) fails to revive a flagging economy. He ends up with no choice but to go hat in hand to the only source of a bailout and accept whatever conditions they…


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Publish date : 2019-08-16 08:04:16

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