Khartoum — Vice – President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has affirmed the importance of disseminating the values of justice toward avoiding arrogance, extremism and terrorism in the world.

Addressing the opening sitting of the First Legal Conference, organized by the Sudanese Bar Association at the Friendship Hall, Hassabo said that the advocates has an important role to play for expanding the values of justice.

He pointed out that the state has adopted a project for supporting and strengthening law through the legislations that it has issued in this respect.

He asserted that Sudan respects the rule of law and aims for establishing a wise rule that guarantees the human dignity and freedoms.

He pointed to the political and legislative reform being realized in Sudan, referring the separation of the Attorney General from the Ministry of Justice toward guaranteeing more justice, transparency and independence.

He appreciated the stances of the African Union and the Arab League against the new colonialist mechanism of the International Criminal Court.

The Vice – President has called for enhancement of the local, regional and international justice institutions and to avoid politicization of the judicial and legal organs.

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Publish date : 15 March 2017 | 7:54 am

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