Sudan: Professor Hoile - Sudan Has Been Subjected to Unprecedented , Unfair Media Campaign

Khartoum, 14(SUNA)- The Director of London Studies Center, Professor David Hoile has underscored that Sudan has been subjected to unprecedented and unfair media campaign during the past period from US administration and some civil society organizations as well as some European quarters, a campaign no other country faced before.

He said in a briefing he presented before Sudan News Agency(SUNA)'S High Editing Board that Sudan has succeeded in standing against the media campaign waged by the far-right Christian and some quarter s hostile to Sudan and Islam to defend itself before allegations of supporting terrorism and claims of the International Criminal Court(ICC) and Darfur problem.

Professor Hoile said the ICC has been steered by countries funding the Court , Britain, Germany, Italy , France and Spain, the biggest colonizers in the past in addition to that the ALL ICC decisions were against African countries.

He indicated the Court position has been weakened due to reactions of the African countries , saying If the South Africa withdraws , the ICC would completely collapse, referring to successes of Government of Sudan, and President Omer Al-Bashir against the ICC decisions.

He explained that he wrote some books, one about ICC allegations , a copy of which has handed it over to President of the ICC in person.

Professor Hoile said that SUNA remained during the media campaign in media frontline for defending Sudan.

He called SUNA to place more attention with the content and publishing in English language as English is an international language.

The Director of London Studies Center , said Sudan has subjected to complicated campaign in which US public and private sectors engaged, attributing that to strategic location and tremendous natural resources of Sudan and that any security stability in Sudan would make it of the major world economies.


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Publish date : 2018-03-14 12:01:30
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