Sudan: Visual Pollution in the Increase in Khartoum State

Hartoum — The Higher Council for Environment, has lamented that visual pollution in Khartoum has increased of recently due to the people conduct towards the environment.

The Minister of the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural Development, Hassan Ismail, said the country has of recently witnessed technological developments but those, he stressed, were accompanied by technological pollution and that people get rid of industrial residues haphazardly.

Speaking at the regular forum of the ministry of Finance at Khartoum State, the Minister said some time conflicting situations arise when applying state and federal laws a matter that reflects negatively on the environment and environmental protection in Khartoum State.

The Minister said garbage in Khartoum dropped to 60 percent after the implementation of laws banning the use inside Khartoum of light plastic bags, compared to the period prior to the implementation of the decision.

He said Khartoum used to produce over a billion plastic bags that are in clear violation of the standards set to produce plastic bags. The minister said next year would see an end to challenges related to garbage collection and disposal in Khartoum state.


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Publish date : 2018-03-14 09:32:00
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