Sudan: Protests – Sudan Public Prosecutor Files 358 Criminal Complaints

Khartoum — As the ongoing campaign of public protests continue across Sudan for the second week, the Public Prosecutor’s Offices confirm that they have officially filed 358 criminal complaints following demonstrations in several Sudanese states last week.

Attorney-General Omar Ahmed said on Sunday that he had received a preliminary report from the head of the High Commission responsible for monitoring the investigations into criminal incidents during the protests.

He said that official complaints against a number of demonstrators were being prepared.

Yesterday, the head of the Investigation Commission, Amer Ibrahim, said that the number of criminal cases amounts to 358. The official complaints are related to loss of life, theft, plundering, and damage to property and public and private facilities, in various states.

He confirmed the filing of 13 complaints of crimes in the Northern State. Claims related to loss of lives in Nile River state amounted to six complaints against five civilians and one of the regular forces.

He said: “The lawsuits of theft and damage amounted to 41 criminal cases, including funds, government headquarters, a fuel station and some private stores.” Amer also pointed to the filing of seven complaints in eastern Sudan’s El Gedaref relating to loss of lives, while theft and damage cases amounted to 136 criminal cases related to theft, looting and damage, of which 28 were public property and 108 were private property.


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Publish date : 2019-01-02 07:31:40

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