Sudan: Towards a Continent Free of … .Borders Crimes

Khartoum, 20 ,Mar,(SUNA)- Since Long time , Combating crime still consider as humanitarian demand , while crimes turned to different and unprecedented trends due to modernization in every things in our life. Crimes became organized and Cross borders as a most dangerous kinds of criminality for security and stability of many countries.

Certainly the world witnessed great Develop in all fields which reflected on evaluation of crimes in both Developed and Developing countries. For that, states turned to adopt strong strategy to eliminate spread and Develop the crimes, special it became Cross borders without recognition or respect to tradition or laws.

It is noticeable that African continent states witnessed wide spread to cross- borders crimes specially food smuggling, expired drugs , Rotten goods and Fake brands what encouraged states of Eastern Africa to consist the Eastern Africa States Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization “EAPCCO” in 1989. Sudan One of the Founding states to the organization beside Uganda , Kenny, Djibouti Ethiopia, Eretria, Burundi , Tanzania, Seychelles , Somalia, Rwanda, state of South Sudan and Republic of Democratic Congo.

“EAPCCO” presidency moved to Sudan ( represented in General Director of Police force) from ex- president General John Acod Uganda Chief Police, in conclusion of th 20 meeting of Eastern Africa States Police Chiefs that Khartoum hosted last September.

“EAPCCO” takes charge of combating Illegal migration , Human Trafficking and safe National Security of states in this region. In addition to fight against crimes via adopt solutions, coordination and common work to face region ‘challenges and to put pre-strategic plan to combat and prevent crimes.

“EAPCCO” was established in frame of Interpol policies to connect the states of region via unifying all efforts to comate the Organized crimes and the cross- borders crime and to reduce its danger and negatives results, while the organization undertake activities in its headquarter at Nairobi under supervising of Interpol branch Office.

Deputy General Manager of Detectives and Criminal Investigation, General Hussen Nafe in press conference on results of the 5th Fabee Abson operation said that Eapcco accomplished joined operations including its responsibility on the region in frame of combating cross- borders crimes, Explaining that ‘ crime doesn’t recognize or know borders. we have the longest open borders with number of neighboring states fore that we are in need to joined operations, as Fabi Epson operation , which was the fifth operation this year in last February under organizing of Eapcco’ member states, Department of organizations in Criminal Police(Interpol), General Administration of Detective, department of Consumer Protecting and its branches in number of Sudan states( Al-jazera, Red Sea, White Nile, Kassla, Blue Nile and Khartoum state).

The operation targeted Rotten food and Drinks and Non- original goods. Some concerned bodies participated in the campaign as Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization , ministry of Health, ministry of Animal wealth and the National Medicines and Poisons Board Resulted in excellent finding.

Detective police as one of police units has great role to enforce the orders of emergency law specially combating smuggling fuel, Flour, Gold and state- subsidized goods to neighbor countries General Nafe said and added also they have essential role in fight against human trafficking and Counterfeit currencies. And explained , due to wide borders of Sudan that open on 7 countries and area of more than 7. 000 Km , we are in need to uttermost effort to eradicate this kinds of crimes.


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