Sudan: Ahmed Saad – Al – Hawad National Strategic Project

Khartoum — The Cabinet Affairs Minister and chairman of the board of directors of Al-Hawad Integrated Development Scheme, Ahmed Saad Omer, affirmed in a press statement Monday that the scheme of Al-Hawad is a national strategic not a states’ one.

He said that the area of the scheme’s area is 2.4 million feddans, with 600,000 feddans inside the project and owned by the owners of the historical right.

The minister explained that the scheme’s administration has established an office in Shendi city, in which the process of legalizing the owners’ land will immediately start after the approval of the scheme’s law, adding that its board of directors includes ministers of the economic sector, the Governor of Sudan Bank, the Wali (governor of Nahr al- Neil State, and a number of national experts, representatives of the land owners, farmers and the project governor.

The chairman of board of directors of al- Hawad scheme, noted that a committee chaired by the Justice Minister has drafted a law and was approved by the Council of Ministers, and then deposited to the table of the National Assembly where it was approved in the first and second reading phase.

He said that the National Assembly is expected to make the final approval of the law during its new session which begins in April.

Ahmed Saad Omer said that after the approval of the project law, the board of directors will consider the approval of the investment plan, the strategic and mechanisms of partnership policies in the project, particularly in the areas of developing the integration of the production value chains through the projects of the wheat belt, livestock, empowerment of small producers and farmers, the programs for youth empowerment in agricultural entrepreneurship, adding that a committees of experts is now preparing studies on these programs.

The minister said that Al-Hawad scheme is part of a system of national projects that the state will launch in the coming period, such as the projects of Wadi Al-Malik, Abu-Habil, Wadi Hoor and other projects, emphasizing that no procedures have been initiated to allocate any areas of the project to any party, indicating that the project is still in the preliminary studies and procedures stage.


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