Sudan: Gum – Arabic Conference …. Integration Stage of Strategic Benefits

Khartoum — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ” UNCTD” chosen Sudan to host the International Conference for Gum- arabic , first of next May , come because Sudan still standing on top rank of gum arabic production, in rate of 80% from the total international production.

Sudanese gum-arabic belt extends in 12 state in the country bordering with Ethiopia and Eretria in east and state of Chad and Central Africa in west. As Gum -Arabic trees cover large areas inside the African Belt , in which live about 15 million person.

In Sudan find various kinds of Gum-arabic trees such as Acacia Senegal gum that use in reducing rates of patients of Kidney Failure, the of frankincense- gum that inter in manufacturing drugs of Chest diseases and Asthma treatment and Al-Talah Gum for producing cosmetics and colures. In addition, Gum -arabic use in many other pharmaceutical and nutrition, while States of Western Europe considers traditional market for Gum arabic.

In this direction and asserting to Sudan’s Interest with this vital and strategic commodity , preparing arrangements are in full swing to acomplish this activities in a perfect level to be suitable with export amounts to an international commodity.

In line with that , manager director of International Organizations department in ministry of foreign affaires and rapporteur of the high committee for preparing to the Conference ,ambassador Kamal Jubara said in statement to ( SUNA)the conference find great necessity and Interest to wide regional and international organizations, include 500 partner represent Producers states and Exporters states of Gum arabic , besides companies and manufacture bodies topped with African states and organizations in addition to concerned bodies of Gum- arabic in Sudan and Accredited ambassadors.

It expects, that conference ‘s outputs will reflect on economical , social and cultural sides of the African Societies located in Gum- arabic belt from Dakar to Djibouti ambassador Jubara said and added African Union is main partner in the conference due all Gum Arabic producer countries are from Africa.

Sudan targets to become a regional center for trade and researches of Gum Arabic in Africa, while” UNCAD”‘s viewpoint that Sudan capable to reply needs of all member states in the organization to Gum arabic.

Gum arabic commodity One of the important strategic resources which support economies of producers states, but suffer challenges , stand against to be the main resource and supporter of National Economy and Providing jobs.

In a statement to SUNA said Secretary-General of Gum-Arabic Council and chairman of Programs and Activates committee D. Abudl-majd Abdul-Gader that conference is opportunity for Producer countries to put future vision on how to protect these commodities and solve impediments face it. Part of that, in Sudan are the Increaseof additional Value and Utilizing form the preferential feature of these goods. More than , absence of manufacturing encouragement policy, lack of strategic storage , multiple fees and taxes and the rate of utilize form these important commodity very little and not more than 10% from productive forests due to migration of Manpower who work in Gum Arabic harvesting. Besides the traditional process of harvesting operations that continue for only 2 months what consider un- sustainable sector. And operations of smuggling the Sudanese Gum arabic through neighboring states and exporting it via non- Sudanese names are dangerous problem face this commodity.

Sudan will gain huge profits from gum- arabic which enter in manufacturing (82) commodity via re-back its position in production and open marketing centers in Dubai , three Europe capitals , China and Malaysia, to consist an international Holding Company and establishing a burse for Gum Arabic commodity in Khartoum. Last year, revenues of these commodity reached to 109 million Dollar , while USA import about 18%of the total Sudanese Product , beside some Europe and Asian states.

Efforts are exerting to open new markets in East Asia and India to join researches centers in which Sudan participate in China and Malaysia and from number of universities. It will be available , for regional and international companies to import directly from Sudan and invest with the national private sector. From Indoors of the coming Gum Arabic conference , efforts are integrating to collect and unify African capacities targeting improving this vital commodity of Gum Arabic.


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