Sudan: Mustafa Affirms Integrated Roles of Legislative and Executive Bodies

Khartoum — The Head of the Information Committee of the National Assembly, Al-Tayeb Mustafa has affirmed the integration of roles between the executive and legislative bodies.

Mustafa told SUNA has underlined that the National Legislatures face big challenges during thecurrent prriod which represents the end of the legislative period which will be concluded in 2020.

He called for the creation suitable atomsphere via new constitutional arrangements, revealing that an initiative through the 2020 coalition of more than 17 parties demanded the establishment of a transitional government in which all political forces will be represented by a presidential council.

He pointed out that the task of that government extends the current legitimacy for two years and establish a fair election, pointing out that their initiative received wide acceptance.


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Publish date : 2019-04-02 13:58:31

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