Sudan: Prime Minister Gives Directive On Development of Animal Resources Sector

Khartoum — The National Prime Minister, Dr Mohamed Tahir Aila, has given directive on development of animal wealth sector by focusing successful experiments , holding exhibition for animal resources , tightening coordination with states and completion of major projects of the sector.

He also gave directive on positive interaction with citizens and to know the facts on the ground and solve problems of the sector.

This came when he met Monday with Minister of Animal Resources, and Fisheries, Ibrahim Yousif Mohamed who said in press statements that the meeting outlined the Ministry’s plans and programs within framework of implementation of priorities of the caretaker government.

He elaborated that such priorities represented in improvement of people’s living,, provision of food, provision of work opportunities for youth, increase of production and productivity, encouragement of national and foreign investments, giving concern to animal health, combating epidemics, upgrading quarantines and slaughterhouses , development of animal resources and fisheries, transfer of technology, development of peasants , pastures and fodders and supporting veterinary researches in addition to the Ministry efforts to implement the state reform program and the national dialogue recommendations concerning the animal sector.


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Publish date : 2019-04-02 10:37:20

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