Sudan: Expatriate Organ Appreciates Role of International Organization for Migration

Khartoum — Deputy Secretary General of the Sudanese Expatriates Organ, of Sudanese Abroad, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Sid-Ahmed, has praised the role of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the implementation of a number of projects, notably the project of re-integrating returnees from Libya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

He said that the project contributes to enhancement of the joint EU Initiative between the Expatriates Organ and the organization, affirming that the voluntary return and reintegration of the Sudanese returnees from Libya is an extension of the cooperation and partnership between the Expatriates and the International Organization for Migration.

This came during a meeting in his office Tuesday with Dr. Eliza Anderson, the expert and consultant of the Regional Office of the International Organization for Migration in Nairobi, in the presence of Dr. Hassan Babiker, the Director of migration and organizations of the Expatriates Organ and Professor Amal Karrar, the Director of the Organization.

Dr. Aliza Anderson emphasized the organization’s keenness to develop the cooperation between the organization and the Expatriates Organ in the projects of return and reintegration of returnees.

The Director of Migration and Organizations of the Sudanese Expatriates Organ, Dr. Hassan Babiker, has given a detailed account of the organ and its various initiatives and services for the migrants, stressing the keenness of the organ to enhance the communication and cooperation between the two sides.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Organization of Expatriates Organization, Amal Karrar Ibrahim Farah, stressed the importance of projects implemented in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, the most important of which is the project of the return and reintegration for the Sudanese returning from Libya, Niger, Egypt and Algeria and providing assistance to them.


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Publish date : 2019-04-10 10:19:41

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