Sudan: Dr. Faisal Calls On the Non-Signatory Movements to Take Negotiations Seriously

Khartoum — The Assistant to the President of the Republic, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, has affirmed the government’s firm stance on the peace process as a strategic option for the government, calling on the non-signatory movements to be willing to negotiate seriously.

This came when Dr. Faisal met, Wednesday, the Head of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), and briefed him on the situation in the country, stressing President Al-Basher’s interest to complete the peace process in Darfur and achieving stability in the country.

Dr. Faisal gave the UNAMID official a detailed explanation on the recent consultative meeting called for by the African mediation headed by Thambo Mbeki.

Dr. Faisal stressed the government’s commitment to provide all facilities to complete the withdrawal of UNAMID forces from Darfur according to the set timetable, which ends in 2020.

The head of the joint mission of the African Union and the United Nations in Darfur, UNAMID), Ambassador Jermaya Mamabolo said in a press statement that the meeting dealt with the arrangements for the withdrawal of UNAMID from Darfur according to the scheduled timetables and reactivating the peace process in Darfur.

He pointed out that out that the situation affirms the importance of reactivation of the negotiations with the armed movements.


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Publish date : 2019-04-11 10:26:18

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