Sudan: Lt. Daglo Meets Delegation of Sudan Renaissance Alliance

Khartoum — Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dago, received in the Republican Palace Tuesday a delegation of Sudan Renaissance Alliance as part of the consultations being held by the TMC with the political and societal forces on the transitional period’s requirement.

In a press statement, the leading figure in the Alliance, Dr. Al-Tigani Sessi, said that the Alliance has conveyed to the TMC Deputy Chairman its vision on the current situation, indicating that the homeland is currently facing severe political, regional and tribal polarization that may the state’s security and safety.

He said that the current stage does not allow wrangling and hankering for power, stressing that it is a state that necessitates unity for protecting the country from threats.

Dr. Al-Sessi pointed out that the current vacuum and polarization may pose a threat to the homeland under the existing economic and security challenges.

He called on the Transitional Military Council to work for achieving peace at Darfur in the current period on ground that peace is the key factor for reaching peace.

He called on all the political forces to live up to their patriotic role in maintaining the unity of the homeland and working for realization of peace and stability.

He indicated that the Alliance did not and will not ask for participation in power.

Dr. Sessi has praised the role being played by the Transitional Military Council and the Armed Forces in the current stage.

It is to be recalled that the Sudan Renaissance Alliance is composed of the East Front, the National Liberation and Justice Party, the United Umma Party, the National Umma Party, the Umma Party for Reform and Development, Sudan Liberation Movement (Second Revolution) and the Justice and Equality Movement.


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Publish date : 2019-04-24 08:47:16

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