Sudan: Dr. Al-Haj Describes Cortoba Incident As Sorrowful and Dangerous

Khartoum — The Secretary General of the People’s Congress Party, Dr. Ali Al-Haj, has described the attack that targeted the meeting of the party’s Shura Council in the Cortoba Hall in Khartoum as sorrowful and dangerous.

At a press conference held Sunday at the headquarters of the patty, Dr. Al-Haj said that the assault was one against the democratic system and peacefulness that characterized the people’s movement.

He accused certain political forces of being behind the incident, but he did not name them, called on the judicial and legal authorities to investigate the incident and hold those involved in accordance with the law.

He said that the People’s Congress Party was founded on peace, freedom, justice and wisdom, indicating that the attacking on it is an aggression on justice and public freedoms.

Dr. Al-Haj has appreciated the quick move of the regular forces to the scene of the incident, lauding the role of the Rapid Support Forces in evacuating the participants at the meeting.

He stressed that What happened was a deliberate and organized action against the People’s Congress Party.

On the calls promoted by some parties in the political arena to exclude others, Al-Haj explained that such calls can lead to coups as happened in the past, calling for non-exclusion of others because exclusion will generate only exclusion as he put it.

Regarding the agreement between the Military Council and the forces of freedom and change, Dr. Ali al-Haj said that “his party is not bound by any agreement that it is not a party in it and that any bilateral agreement we will opposed”.

He said that the People’s Congress has submitted to the Transitional Council a list of candidates for the transitional civil government, stating that their nominees are qualified and professionals who do not belong to any political entities.

Dr. Al-Haj called for revising the laws of corruption and the formation of committees to fight it provided that there shall not be room for settlements.

He called on the Transitional Military Council not to succumb to any pressure from any political forces, calling for non-interference in the Sudanese issues, indicating that the treatment of the current situation shall take place only by Sudanese hands.


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Publish date : 2019-04-29 11:37:44

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