Sudan: Experts – Return of Tourism to Jebel Marra Will Support Development and Peace

Khartoum — Dr. Mohieddin Mohamed Mohieddin said that the travel of 72 vehicles carrying tourists to Jebel Marra, after15 years since the cessation of tourism there, proves that tourism represents an important economic resource, a source of foreign exchange, and assurance on peace, security and stability in Darfur and its full recovery from war and the start of its march for development.

He said that the directive given by Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, for development of tourism in Jebel Marra and the area and the concern with providing all services there proves that the Rapid Support Forces have been able to achieve peace in Darfur, conduct several tribal reconciliations there, construct many hospitals, schools, providing clean water stations to contribute to the return of the displaced to their home villages and addressing to the issues of displacement and refuge affirms the keenness for the development of Jebel Marra area.

Dr. Mohieddin pointed out that the return of tourism to these areas will provide additional income and more different services for the population there, pointing out that tourists will reflect the security, peace and stability situation that Darfur enjoys when they return to their countries and communities.

Meanwhile, the political expert, Dr. Nagi Ali Bashir, pointed out that Jebel Marra and many other areas in Sudan are characterized by the advantages and features of tourism that are much greater than in many countries in the region involved in tourism.

He stressed that the tourism infrastructures in Sudan need promotion of the ideas, methods, plans and services to attract tourists, indicating that tourism could represent an important economic resource for the country.


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Publish date : 2019-09-03 10:12:30

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