Sudan: Minister of Agriculture Affirms Concern On Green Peace Project

Khartoum — Minister of Agriculture and Forests Issa Othman Sharif assured he would sponsor the Green Peace Project (GPP)suggested by Sudanese Unionist Forum.

The minister gave this statement during meeting with GPP delegation head by the secretary general of the forum Anas Al Nour Al Amin.

The minister gave directives to concerned department in the ministry that they have to cooperate with the forum. Meanwhile the minister reviewed the ministry’s role in supporting achievement of community peace projects.

He revealed arrangements were underway to establish space channel exclusively for agriculture purposes.

He also heralded the establishment of cooperative societies to exploit young people energies and experiences in supporting national economy.

As well the minister said his ministry would finance women’s projects in the field of agricultural products and assured concern on Gaziera scheme unveiled the ministry’s plan on that respect. Issa stressed that three was package of solutions for bread and wheat crisis saying the formula of the bread proportion would be change.


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Publish date : 2019-10-23 09:30:17

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