Sudan: Forum Launched On Economic Challenges During Transition Period

Khartoum — Deputy Manager for investment at Farmers’ Bank Nair Issa assured the bank concern about the social economic development projects.

In his statements before national television forum launched at SMC premises entitled “Economic Challenges During Transition period” that the bank concern about the basic infrastructures for electric energy projects besides financing graduates’ projects, of medium and small scale.

Issa said that the bank also has concerned on training and rehabilitation projects and offering finance to agro animal schemes besides availing agricultural inputs.

The banker Issa urged for clear role requested from banks through the initiative related achievement of economic reform.

Economic expert Dr. Mohamed AL Nair affirmed the importance of accelerating procedures and scientific studies regarding stabilization of currency exchange rate and reducing inflation proportion.


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Publish date : 2019-10-24 09:30:55

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