Sudan: Al-Taayeshi Says Arrival of SLM Delegation Is Victory of Peace

Khartoum — The Government welcomed arrival of a delegation of Sudan Liberation Movement which is led by Meni Arko Menawi in the country and considered return of the delegation to Sudan was part of ongoing peace process being sought in all fronts.

Member of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Taayeshi said in a press conference held at Khartoum airport on Saturday upon arrival of the SLM delegation that arrival of the SLM delegation and the previous ones came within framework of change which took place in last December as what have been happened was fruit of struggle of all Sudanese with their different means of struggle, considering everyone contributed to change was part of heightening principles of change and achievement of the revolution demands.

He explained that peace was one of the revolution essential goals for opening way for the homeland depending on new bases.

Al-Taayeshi affirmed the government commitment to achieve comprehensive peace in the country , noting that arrival of this delegation was part of commitments of the two parties , the government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front(SRF), to principles of Juba Declaration and the deals followed the declaration, the political declaration and declaration on cessation of hostilities.

He said the march of peace was march of all people of Sudan , calling all components of people of Sudan to price of peace and to put it as to priority.

Al-Taayeshi expected that all delegations of the armed struggle movements arrived in the country would work alongside the Sudanese people to complete the march of change took place in December and to mobilize the society and its components to make peace a goal of all people.

He added that the country has become open according to a decision issued by the government on revising prisoners of war and political detainees , indicating that there was a committee working with the movement delegation to lift ban on lists of politicians and leaders of armed struggle movements.

The Member of the Sovereign Council said that such measure came to as affirmation to previous policies adopted by the government regarding general amnesty and annulment of political rulings issued by the defunct regime against symbols of the armed struggle in Sudan, political activists and political leaders abroad.

He affirmed there was no banned lists and any judicial and political verdicts against leaders, disclosing that the country is open for all its sons without conditions or exception, stressing the government commitment to protect others’ right of expression and work for their ideas and visions.


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Publish date : 2019-10-28 09:35:58

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