Sudan: Decline in Cholera Cases in Sudan

Sennar / Blue Nile — Sennar and Blue Nile state witnessed a significant decline in cholera cases over the past weeks. Health authorities in both states attributed the decline to efforts to combat the disease.

Doctor Mawahib Gisimallah, director of Epidemic Control in Sennar, told Radio Dabanga that the recent cholera vaccination campaign contributed significantly to the decline of cholera infection rates in Singa, El Souki and Abu Hujar localities.

She said the state had not seen new cases of the disease in October.

Other areas

Other areas affected by cholera in Blue Nile state saw a decline in the incidence of cholera as well. No new cases have been reported since Friday, when the last two cases were recorded on Friday in the state capital Ed Damazin.

A source working in health care attributed the decline in cases to an intensive awareness-raising campaign and the efforts made by international organisations in the state to control the disease.

The Sudanese government acknowledged the presence of cholera in Sudan six weeks ago. Before that the Ministry of Health referred to cases that many believed to be cholera as ‘acute watery diarrhoea’.


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Publish date : 2019-10-28 12:35:57

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