Sudan: Gazira University Chancellor – We Inherited Back Warded Structure

Medani — Gazira University Chancellor Mohamed Taha Yousef affirmed that they have taken wide notice of knowledge and procedures of how to protect the university.

He warned of taking judicial and criminal procedures against anyone who might try to disturb the stability of the university.

Moreover, the chancellor told SUNA that he denounced the regrettable incidents occurred at AL Zaeim Al Azhari University. He describes those who intended closing down the university were in delusion state.

Taha called affirming the importance of transition to democracy and implementation of first stage program.

Gazira university chancellor gave signal that the ministry of higher education and scientific research guidelines for implementing of emergency program was based on reviewing laws and basic systems and regulations to copy with the revolution slogans.

The chancellor said they have inherited back warded administrative structure in witness of a number of experts in administration science.

He pointed out that there were 18 administrative councils existing but not in their right place. The councils he said were resembling each other. They seemed were established and exploited in favor of keeping some personalities in their positions, the chancellor has said.


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Publish date : 2019-10-28 08:48:30

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