Sudan: ‘Two Potential Military Coups Threaten Sudan’

Khartoum — Two military coups could possibly threaten the Sudan transitional government, a prominent journalist and political analyst warns, however neither is likely to succeed.

On Thursday, during a Tea-Cup Forum of El Tayyar daily newspaper a journalist and political analyst El Haj Warrag claimed that while there is a potential that two military coups threaten the transitional government, he argued that such potential coups will not succeed if even if they occurred.

Warrag claimed that the first possible coup would be at the hand of the counter-revolutionary forces (Islamists). However, he asserted that it is likely to fail because the even former Al Bashir regime failed despite its control over the entire military force of Sudan.

Warrag asserted that that the second possible coup he called “Camp II” without disclosing further details. He said that should such coups occur; it will lead the country to a spiral of civil war. He advised both sides to work toward democracy. He also argued that the military forces and the military institutions have interests that will fare better in a democratic situation.

He suggested that those Islamists who are pro-change and democracy should be allowed to join the Forces for Freedom and Change. “We must not treat the Islamists as one bloc, must allow those who want change to participate,” Warrag concluded.


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Publish date : 2019-10-28 09:32:09

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