Sudan: Daglo – We’ll Decisively Deal With Threats to National Security and Citizen’ Safety

Al-Genaina — First Vice-President of the Sovereign Council Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo stressed that the State would decisively deal with all threats to national security and safety of citizens and no impunity for any person or entity threatening security of the state and citizens, affirming importance of imposing state authority by applying the law by the regular forces and by giving them wide power and that forces be accompanied by prosecutors

He said in press statements after commitment of the disputed parties to keep peace and stability in Al-Genaina city that insecurity in the country was caused by unimposing state authority and restricting the regular services from carrying out their roles , adding that this restriction would be addressed by giving wide power to organs in charge of maintaining security in the country.

The First Vice-President of Sovereign Council held the government of West Darfur State responsible of aggravation of incidents for its delay in addressing the problem.

He called the regular forces to carry out their roles and commit to its professionalism and desist from tribal affiliations, announcing that republican decrees would be issued for addressing dereliction that led to insecurity in Al-Genaina.


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Publish date : 2020-01-06 14:33:23

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