Sudan: Committee On 30 June Regime Dismantling Issues Number of Decisions

Khartoum — The 30 June Regime Dismantling Committee announced in a press conference held at Republican Palace Tuesday that a decision has been issued on blocking bank accounts of Al-Sharouq TV Channel , Al-Andulos Company for Media Production and Distribution owning Group of Taiba Channels , Sudani Company for Printing and Publication owning Sudani newspaper and Al-Rai Al-Aam Company owning Al-Rai Al-Am newspaper without affecting workers of these institutions.

The Committee Alternate Chairman and member of the Transitional Sovereign Council , Mohamed Al-Faki Sulieman affirmed in the press conference that dismantling the 30 June regime was main demand of the glorious December revolution and that the work with the 30 June Regime Dismantling Law was not for revenge but for dismantling the one party -system for intreset of the people of Sudan.

He added that empowerment means is any way , means, act or plan made to obtain public job or for implementation the 30 June regime policies either by appointment in public service under umbrella of empowerment of supporters of National Congress Party.

Al-Faki further added within framework of commitment of slogans of the revolution representing in freedom and justice this law comes to restore rights either job, money or land illegally owned and that the revolution is serious to restore rights and impose law and that the Committee has wide power for enforcement of the law and has right to recommend termination of any person in the public service , recall any person for obtaining information and punishing violators of the Committee’s decisions.

He stressed that no worker would be affected by shutdown of a corporation for the revolution came, he explained, to dispense justice among Sudanese not to humiliate them and it is right of any citizen to work at the state institutions and that one of the revolution goals are to dispense justice and reform of civil service institutions.

The Alternate Chairman of the Committee elaborated that the decisions issued by the committee could be appealed.

He commended huge efforts made by military and security institutions which provided the committee with many files , indicating that the Constitutional Document gives the military component in the Transitional Sovereign Council right to revise the military institutions and that the military component has made considerable strides in this connection.

Chairman of NCP Dismantling Committee, Taha Osman Ishaq that the committee targets all those who committed criminals against the Sudanese people and that the Committee has restored premises of NCP and now is working for determining its properties to give them back to the Sudanese people

Head of Bank Sector Committee Salah Manaa indicated to wide corruption in this sector during the past period and the bank sector was most sector that corrupted economic life in the country.

He urged Sudanese citizens to lodge complaints and give information about corruption and illicit gains , affirming protection of those who proceed to provide information.


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Publish date : 2020-01-08 14:22:51

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