Tanzania: Magufuli Amplifies War On Illegal Fishing Gears

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Luhaga Mpina has been told to continually burn illegal fishing gears to curb arbitrary fishing on Lake Victoria.

President John Magufuli gave the directive at the launch of CRDB Bank, Chato Branch in Chato town over the weekend, praising the minister for an exemplary job in curbing illegal fishing activities, resulting into increased fishes on the lake. Dr Magufuli said previously fishermen were fishing out immature fishes, adversely affecting fish reproduction in the water body.

He encouraged the minister to sustain strict measures against illegal fishing to keep fishes for the current and future generations. "May I congratulate Chato residents for supporting the fight against illegal fishing in your area...this will help to increase fish population in the lake and people will get mature fish," said President Magufuli.

Either, the residents of Chato, who attended the occasion, testified that the number of fish had increased, thanks to ongoing operations against illegal fishing activities.

Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda have already agreed to conduct joint operations against illegal fishing on Lake Victoria, with the aim of operation being especially to boost production of perch fishes, which are at the risk of disappearing.

Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO) has approved over 4bn/- for the operations, with each country allocated 1.3bn/- for the campaign. Recently in Uganda, Minister Mpina said the money will help to amplify the fight against illegal fishing on the lake.

He requested leaders in the countries surrounding the Lake Victoria to practically implement suggestions by various research institutions. He as well reminded leaders to educate their citizens in the fishing sector to adhere to fishing regulations and fish sustainably.


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Publish date : 2018-03-13 09:11:40
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