Tanzania: Women Urged to Aim for Top Leadership Positions

Women workers have been encouraged to work and set goals to get top job positions and reduce the gap with men by 8 per cent.

The call has been made by the Barclays Bank Tanzania Managing Director Abdi Mohamed in an event hosted by the bank for women workers in Dar es Salaam over the end of the week. "It is good for women understand that they have the same ability at work place just as men, but the most important thing is to set goals and work for challenges to reach top positions," he said.

He said the bank offers different positions without judging gender and it is good to understand that the top position of Barclays Bank Africa Group is led by women and here in Tanzania, among the 10 departments, six are held by women.

To her part, Barclays Bank Tanzania Citizenship Manager Hellen Siria urged women workers to have courage and passion of work in order to have a higher number of women in top managerial positions.

"We have to appreciate to get an opportunity to work in an institution which values the importance of women. We have to stand up for challenge that comes around us just like our counterparts men," she said.

The International Women's Day is celebrated March 8 every year and is being used to communicate challenges affecting the rights of women


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Publish date : 2018-03-13 09:08:57
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