Tanzania: US Supports Wildlife Antipoaching Crusade

US government has donated three Toyota Land Cruisers vehicles to Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) to support the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

The support is part of US government's wildlife anti-trafficking and counter illicit trade training and capacity building programme. The Charge' d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Tanzania Dr Inmi Patterson said in a statement that the three vehicles would increase the rangers' ability to conduct anti- poaching patrols in the Rungwa/Kizigo/Muhesi Game Reserve. "

Through a commitment to partnership between the government, its citizens, development partners, civil society organisations and the private sector we can combat the scourge of wildlife trafficking,"

she said She said the US government is a proud partner for Tanzania efforts to disrupt poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking, through providing training, equipment and capacity building to increase rangers' ability to thwart poaching in the Rungwa/Kizigo/Muhesi Game Reserves.

The current US supported projects are namely installation of a telecommunications system, renovation of two ranger posts and installation of pulley system across a river to allow for year round access to the eastern side of the reserve.

"Recent success is cause for optimism," she said adding that, "But the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking is not over. The US government is proud to stand with you in this effort


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Publish date : 2018-04-05 12:04:54
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