Tanzania: Dialogue Needed for Media Fraternity Sanity - Mwakyembe

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THE Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe has called for the setting up of a Media Dialogue Forum through which the media fraternity and the government can address challenges facing the industry.

Addressing the World Press Freedom Day Commemorations here yesterday, the Minister said the forum will be an ideal platform whereas complaints which have been channeled to the government and challenges arising can be settled. "

If we do not have an official platform, in which, all complaints and challenges raised will be discussed, then, the challenges will remain thus denying growth of the media industry," he told the conference.

However, he directed all media owners to ensure they offer health insurance cover as well as enroll them to social security funds, something that he promised to make a close follow up.

"Media owners must fulfill their obligation of payment of health insurance and social security fund enrolment; I will throw my weight on this to make sure it works," said Dr Mwakyembe amid applause from the members of the press.

However, he said, the government will ensure that media owners employ only those whom they can accommodate and pay well, unlike the current trend whereas they have a big number of employees (journalists), majority of whom are mere correspondents. "

They must employ according to their needs and journalists must have reliable employment which caters for the improved welfare, since it is a way for attaining real press freedom." Adding, "

Tanzanian media personnel are sometimes funny, they make noise against other people's rights and remunerations, while, they are having so many problems with their employment terms, but it is the terms of their contract that make them mum, the trend must change.

" He said the situation has resulted in having journalists who depend on sources to finance a number of their coverage to make a living


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