Tanzania: Kagera RC Appeals to People to Use Toilets

The Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Brig Gen. Marco Gaguti has appealed to people in the area to ensure that they use toilets to avoid diseases which can be prevented in safe sanitation and hand washing facilities. Community environmental management strategies were also needed to control preventable diseases contracted through poor sanitation.

Mr Gaguti noted that the government was keen to ensure that most of the diseases were totally eradicated by 2020, adding that people need to play their part, including building toilets.

“The government now targets to ensure that every household and public institution have at least a toilet come 2021. It is keen on improving sanitation, toilets and hand washing facilities at household and public places, particularly in schools and health facilities,” he said.

He said more people; especially children aged five years and below, die every day in thousands as a result of contracting preventable diseases, saying that unsanitary conditions also invite dysentery and typhoid which are surefooted killers.

Estimates show that 30,000 people contract diarrhoea every year, which translates into an equivalent of 85 people daily. About 500 people die every year in Tanzania due to diseases which can be prevented in safe sanitation.

As of November last year, 27,554 people were reported with diarrhoea infections, where 432 of them died.

The National Sample Census of Agriculture conducted during 2002/03 revealed that about 18,926 households in Kagera region, equivalent to five per cent, had no toilet facilities.

The distribution of the households without toilets within the region shows that 45 percent of them were in Karagwe district, Biharamulo (29%), Muleba (11%), Bukoba Rural (9%) and Ngara (6 per cent).

About 315,464 households, implying 90 per cent of all rural households use traditional pit latrines. About 6,795 households (2%) use improved pit latrine while 11,963 households (3%) use flush toilets.

The remaining 129 households (0.04%) use other toilet facilities.


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Publish date : 2018-10-22 09:58:15

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