Tanzania: President Magufuli Appoints New National Housing Corporation Chair As New Directors Named

Dar es Salaam — President John Magufuli has appointed a lecturer at Ardhi University (Aru) as the new board chairman for the National Housing Corporations (NHC).

Dr Sophia Kongela is filling the position that was vacated by Ms Blandina Nyoni in March, 2018 after her appointment was revoked by the President.

Though he did not mention the reasons for rescinding Ms Nyoni’s appointment, what is in record is that in December last year (2017), President Magufuli noted with concern that there was poor financial management and ‘divisive politics’ among board members and in the management of NHC.

The President ordered Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr William Lukuvi, Ms Blandina Nyoni and former NHC Director General, Nehemia Mchechu to get to a roundtable and end their differences amicably for the general good of the state-owned housing corporation.

In response to the directive, Mr Lukuvi dissolved the board a few days later. In December, 2017, he (Mr Lukuvi) went on to suspend Mr Mchuchu before he officially rescinded his (Mchechu’s) appointment for from the position of Director General for the NHC on June 20, 2018.

“Acting within the powers, conferred on me under Section 18 (1) of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) Act of 1990, together with its 2005 amendments,….I now rescind the appointment of the NHC director general, Mr Nehemiah Mchechu with effect from today, June 20, 2018,” Mr Lukuvi said told journalists in Dodoma on June 20, 2018 in a press briefing that lasted for only one minute.

A State House statement, signed by the director for Presidential Communications, Mr Gerson Msigwa, said on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 that the appointment of the new NHC board chairman paved the way for Mr Lukuvi to also appoint Dr Maulid Banyani as the corporation’s new Director General.

Like Dr Kongela, Dr Banyani also lectures at Aru.


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