Tanzania: Wildebeests Return to Serengeti Park Earlier Than Expected

Unlike other seasons, wildebeests that recently migrated to Kenya are prematurely returning to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, ready to give birth.

This is contrary to the news that the gnus will stay in the Kenya’s Masai Mara Park until April, next year.

Speaking to Daily News Online, the Corporate Communications Manager for Tanzania National Parks Authority, Pascal Shelutete said almost 80 per cent of the wild animals have already retuned to Serengeti and specifically at Ndutu, ready to give birth.

“They must return to Ndutu where they give birth. This is why I usually say these animals hold Tanzanian passports,” he said.

He said, another factor that will make the species stay longer in the Serengeti Park is due to green pastures resulting from ongoing rains.

According to Ker & Downey website (https://kerdowney.com/2014/11/calving-season-serengeti/), “Each year, the Serengeti plays host to hundreds of thousands of animals during the migration. In June and July, wildebeests make their way across the Grumeti River moving northwest in the park, a sight that easily tops the bucket lists of many travelers.”

The website adds that by December, the herds make their way back down south to the southern Serengeti to feed on the short green grasses of the plains for calving, though Mr Shelutete said they have started returning to Tanzania early due to assurance of greener pastures.


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Publish date : 2018-10-30 13:25:07

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