Tanzania: Zura Assures Motorists Over Fuel Supply

ZANZIBAR has imported 900 tonnes of fuel with the Zanzibar Utilities Regulatory Authority (ZURA) expressing hopes the stock will ease the fuel crisis that has hit hard motorists on the Isles.

ZURA Director General Haji Kali Haji informed the press on the arrival on Sunday of Zanzibar Petroleum Limited ZP owned vessel MT East Wind arrived carrying 1,695,632 litres, saying the consignment would improve fuel supply situation in the country.

“We’re deeply saddened with the current fuel crisis, which in fact has greatly affected the public, denying citizens normal transport services,” said Mr Haji.

“We have directed oil companies to ensure swift distribution of the imported fuel so that motorists can access the petroleum products without any inconvenience,” he added.

The importation of 900 tonnes means Zanzibar now has 1,295,632 and 2,047,914 litres of petrol and diesel respectively and the stock can last one week, revealed the Zanzibar Utilities regulatory Authority boss.

He said 400,000 litres of petrol and 250,000 litres of diesel will be shipped to Pemba Island, where there is no such shortage of petroleum products experienced in Unguja.

“We expect to import 1,500 more tonnes of petrol, about 2,000,000 litres from Mombasa on November 4, this year and that will definitely ensure adequate supply of the commodity in Zanzibar,” Mr Haji added.

For almost a week now, motorists in Unguja, the mostly populated of the Indian Ocean semi-autonomous archipelagos has experienced a biting fuel shortage, particularly petrol, with many fuelling stations closed after running out of the commodity.

A random check by the ‘Daily News’ at various stations within the Zanzibar Municipal over the weekend revealed that many did not have petrol.

There were long queues in few Gapco filling stations, as motorists struggled to purchase at least a few litres of petrol. At those few stations, the fuelling exercise was closely supervised by ZURA officials who ensured fairness, peace and order prevail.

The ZURA Director General attributed the acute shortage to the breakdown of two fuel vessels, which has crippled routine importation of fuel from Dar es Salaam and Mombasa ports.


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