Tanzania: Tara Pushes for Increased Prostate Screening

TANZANIA Association of Radiographers (TARA) has allayed fears over prostate screening and encouraged men especially those aged 45 and above to go for regular checkups in order to detect complications associated with the organ.

According to experts, prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system and it enlarges as a man become older from 45 years and above.

TARA Secretary General, Ms Catherine Malika told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday ahead of the World Radiography Day which is marked on November 8 every year that society should do away with the notion that conditions associated with prostate were caused by having multiple partners, drinking coconut water or affect people living in coastal areas.

“Prostate is a reproductive organ within male reproductive system, it enlarges as a man becomes older — it shows the enlargement symptoms from the age of 45 and it continues to grow by 1 cm every five years regardless whether a person is sick or not, ” said Ms Malika who also doubles as Lecturer at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences’ School of Radiology.

Ms Malika noted that according to various researches conducted globally, a high percentage of adults who show symptoms of prostate complications are aged 45 and above and very few or none under 45 and that is why they have given priority to the group.

She explained that when prostate enlarges it may press on the urethra causing problems with urination, it can also enlarge due to bacterial infection or if a person has acquired cancer.

“Prostate is not cancer, it is an important organ of the male reproductive system, it cannot be seen with normal eyes, that is why it is examined to detect complications associated with it in order to provide proper treatment,” she insisted.

Commenting on World Radiography Week, she said TARA in collaboration with Muhimbili National Hospital’s Radiology Department has organised free preliminary screening for prostate and urinary system, using ultrasound for men aged 45 and above.

She said the exercise which will be conducted on Saturday at MNH involves radiographers and radiologists.

“We are trying to create awareness for men to willingly undergo prostate screening because it is critical to detect early symptoms of conditions associated with the organ and receive proper treatment, instead of waiting for dangerous complications,” she insisted.

Ms Malika explained that there were various ways of detecting conditions associated with prostate and the preliminary test can be done through normal ultrasound (pelvic ultrasound).


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