Tanzania: Dar Welcomes New Year With High Chicken, Beef Prices

DAR ES SALAAM residents have dig deeper into their pockets for buying cow and chicken meats during New Year celebration.

The paper spot survey a day before New Year showed that the prices for cow meat and chickens rose up in Mwananyamala, Temeke Stereo and Buguruni.

The survey showed that the wholesale price of local chicken sprout up from 12,000/- to 14,000/- before the turning of the year.

A Mwananyamala chicken monger, Mr Winsesilaus Mugarula, said the wholesale price rise pushed retain price as well due to demand and high rate of levies.

“The (retail) prices automatically climbed up to reach all time high (last) year,” Mr Mugarula said.

The retail chicken price raised from 10,000/- in normal days to between 20,000/- and 25,000/- for low grade birds while those which was sold around 15,000/- and 20,000/- increased to between 28,000/- and 35,000/- in Mwananyamala.

While broiler chicken prices increased from between 5,000/- and 6,000/- to around 7,000/- and 8,000/- prior to New Year day.

The ‘Daily News’ survey showed out that the prices were almost the same in other markets such as Buguruni and Temeke Stereo.

However, local chicken sellers complained that they had to raise price due to high levy charged per bird by authorities tasked to regulate livestock.

The authority from the ministry of livestock and fisheries charged between 300/- and 500/- per chicken depending with the bird size.

But traders had proposed at least 200/- per bird.

Meanwhile, meat price at Vingunguti abattoir slightly eased at the end of the year to between 5,000/- and 6,000/- from an average of 6,500/- per kilogramme before Christmas.

Mr Festo Richard at Vingunguti said the prices at one point after Christmas dropped to 4,500/- but slightly increase towards the last day of 2018.

This forces retailer to hike prices from between 6000/- and 6500/- per kilo between 7500/- and 8500/- per kilogramme in all visited markets.

But customers bitterly complained that traders have taken advantage of the end of year ‘sikukuu’ festivals to hike prices unnecessarily.

During the survey the ‘Daily News’ established that prices for staple foods such as rice and maize and beans remained unchanged


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