Tanzania: ‘Machinga’ IDs System Reportedly On Course

THE distribution of Identity Cards (IDs) to petty traders, commonly known as ‘Machinga’ is on course in various regions with some regional commissioners looking forward to place orders for more from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) soon.

In December last year, President John Magufuli handled out a total of 670,000 IDs to entrepreneurs whose business capital does not exceed 4m/-. The event in Dar es Salaam was held during a meeting attended by TRA officials.

It also featured various stakeholders from government agencies. The Head of State presented 25,000 IDs to each regional commissioner for onward distribution.

According to a survey conducted by the ‘Daily News’, some RCs said the IDs distribution exercise was going on well and that the petty traders’ response was good.

They said the exercise was taking place along with allocation of special trading areas for ‘machinga’ as directed by the Head of State. Mtwara RC Gelasius Byakanwa said the distribution of IDs had enabled his office to set up a data base for petty traders in his region.

He said the database helps his office to allocate special areas for petty traders.

“The data base we create through identification cards helps us to know not only the nature of businesses but also to know the number of petty traders and the markets for a certain trading group,” he said.

However, Mr Byakanwa said allocation of special areas will basically depend on the purchasers’ behavioural change. “Wananchi should stop buying goods on streets and along roads, this will help the machinga to settle on the allocated areas,” he said.

He said Mtwara Municipality had recorded a big turn up of petty traders who appeared to collect IDs.

In Morogoro, the Regional Commissioner, Dr Steven Kebwe, said Ifakara, Kilombero and Kilosa districts were among districts with high demands of IDs.

Dr Kebwe said that his office had received comments and opinions from petty traders, whose thrust was that the IDs would enable them to conduct businesses without problems.

” As we speak, petty traders have confirmed to me that they are ready to become good axpayers;this is a great thing to hear from them, therefore the provision of IDs is crucial in expanding and developing businesses in the country,” he said.

Commenting on how far Morogoro had gone in establishing special trading areas, he said about 500 acres had already been allocated in the municipality for the purpose.

Plus, the region had introduced daily auctioning centres to enable petty traders get used to settling in one point as well as create sustainable markets for them.

“The auctions have been taking place at Nanenane, Kikundi, Manzese, Lukobe and Kilakala areas. We are still brainstorming on other means to enable these potential taxpayers do businesses in conducive environments,” said the RC.

Singida RC Ms Rehema Nchimbi said the distribution of IDs was almost done and that already,various bus stands were prepared for the machinga to do businesses.

She mentioned Misuna main bus stand in the region as among special areas where more than 600 machinga were expected to start businesses any time from now.

Presenting IDs to RCs last year, President Magufuli explained that equipped with the IDs, the holders would be formally recognised by TRA officials at their operational centres.


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