Tanzania: 25 Pc of Zanzibaris Employed in Union Institutions – Government

Dodoma — The government on Friday, February, 2019 said 25 per cent of Zanzibaris were employed in union institutions since the 2013/14 financial year, to date.

This was revealed in Parliament by deputy minister of State in the Vice President’s office (Union and Environment) Mussa Sima during the question and answer session.

He was reacting to a question raised by the Welezo lawmaker, Dr Saada Mkuya (CCM), who sought to know the number of Zanzibaris who have been employed in the Union government.

Her question came as a follow -up to the 2013/14 agreement between two parties that Zanzibaris will be getting 21 percent of the employment posts announced by the Union government.

“Since struck an agreement in 2013/14 to date, a total of eight Zanzibaris have been employed in the Union institutions, the figure represents 25 per cent of all employees, which stands at 31,” said Mr Sima.

This suggests that the two parties have surpassed the target of 21 per cent by 4 per cent.

The deputy minister explained that the decision was agreed upon by both the Union government and the Zanzibar government as part of efforts to address Union challenges.

The ministry’s minister, Mr January Makamba, said to encourage more employment to Zanzibaris, his office was cooperating with the public service office to open its branch in Zanzibar so that interviews should be conducted there.

He conceded that the issue of employment post in Union institutions has been causing complaints for a long time especially for Zanzibaris who felt left out and marginalised.

“There is equal opportunity for all. It is high time the Zanzibaris applied for various employment posts,” said Mr Makamba.


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