Tanzania Parliament Speaker Gives Government Four Days to Explain Children Killings

Dodoma — The topic regarding the ongoing brutal killings of children in Njombe found its way into the National Assembly on Monday, February 04, 2019, with the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Job Ndugai, giving the government up to Friday, February 8, to issue a statement on what has actually transpired.

Mr Ndugai’s statement followed one by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Lupembe, Mr Joram Hongole (CCM) who stood up on a-point-of-order basis and asked the Speaker to allow the legislative body to suspend its business for the day to pave way for a debate on the brutal killings.

In Njombe, like in other African communities, children are being killed for their body parts which are used in witchcraft rituals because of superstitions that they can bring riches, success, power or sexual conquest.

Regional authorities say at least ten children have been killed in Njombe in a period of one month and that the killers were also chopping off the children’s reproductive and respiratory organs in the killings that are linked to superstitious beliefs.

Speaking in Njombe on Monday morning, the Njombe Regional Police Commander (RPC), Ms Renata Mzinga, said several prominent business people were among the 28 suspects who were being held for questioning by the police in connection with the brutal killings of children.

And speaking in Parliament on the same day, Mr Hongole said people in Njombe were living in fear and that economic activities have been halted after reports that at least 10 children have been killed in the region within one month.

“The tension is high in Njombe. People are no longer engaging in economic activities as women are required to escort their children to and from school,” he said, advancing a plea for the Parliament to debate the issue comprehensively.

His Makambako counterpart, Mr Deo Sanga (CCM), echoed similar sentiments, saying the situation was tense and that it has reached a point whereby visitors were being seen as people who have gone to Njombe to kill and/or fuel the killings.

“Some famous business people have been arrested. They have been behind bars for four days now and we do not know what is actually happening,” said Mr Sanga.

According to Mr Sanga, at least 10 famous business people, who employ a total of 200 people, have been arrested in Njombe.

“This situation has brought the conduct of economic activities to a halt,” he said.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled), Ms Jenista Mhagama asked that the government be given time for it to issue a comprehensive statement on the topic.

“As government, we need to compile a comprehensive statement, explaining in details, the steps that we have taken so far to contain the situation,” she said.

At that point, Mr Ndugai said the brutal killings were surely an issue that required a comprehensive statement and thus he gave the government side four days to present the statement in the House.


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