Tanzania: Survivor of Bloody Killing Calls for Medical Treatment Support

A SURVIVOR of the bloody killing of more than 30 people in Rufiji, Kibiti and Mkuranga districts in 2017 has appealed to members of the public to support him to get medical treatment.

Mr Michael Buchayandi (32), who is a leader of Rondo Hamlet in Mangwi Village, survived the killing along with his wife, four children and other relatives, but lost his sight after one of his eyes was hit by a bullet and hit on the head with a club to the detriment of the other eye.

According to him, it was only by God’s grace that he survived death on that day because the attackers thought they had finished him.

“The incident occurred on June 27, 2017 and it was claimed to have targeted only leaders for the chairperson and village executive officer of Mangwi were also brutally killed on the same day,” he said in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Energy.

He recounted how the attackers broke into his house at about 11pm, while everyone had already gone to bed and harassed him and his family.

Mr Buchayandi pointed out that his wife had only given birth a few days before, but they forced her to take all children, including the newly born baby, out in the cold without any clothes on.

His wife Selina Mponyi (30) pointed out that the attackers directed her and the rest of the villagers to lie down facing the ground, while others left with her husband.

She pointed out that a few minutes later they heard some gunshots and thought it was her husband they had killed. They heard of the gunshots again coming from neighbouring houses.

After the fracas, Ms Mponyi went to neighbouring families to seek help, but found none in the houses.

The next day, she and other villagers carried out a search to look for her husband, but found him, the village chairperson and the village executive officer lying in a bush covered by blood all over their bodies.

She narrated that the other two leaders had already died, but her husband was still breathing. Some initiatives were taken to rush him to a nearby hospital and later he was transferred to Muhimbili National Hospital.

“He was attended to, but could not see again because one of the gunshots had destroyed his right eye and the remaining one could not see. We went to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and they told us there was no possibility for him to see again,” she noted.

Ms Mponyi noted that they went to CCBRT and were directed to go to Kibaha hospital, but to regain his sight it would cost 4.7m/-.

“We are thankful for the support we have been receiving from government and other ordinary people throughout the time. All I hope is for my husband to see again and resume to his work,” she said.

The deputy minister noted that several initiatives had been conducted to help the family, including a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a house because their previous one was set on fire by the attackers.


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