Tanzanians Encouraged to Practice Martial Arts

A CALL has been made for more individuals in the country to learn and practice karate, which is regarded as the best self-defence weapon to humans.

This was said on Friday by the Standing Director of Japan Karate Association/ World Federation-Tanzania (JKA/WF-Tanzania) Nestory Fedeliko during a one day training seminar organised to equip sports journalists with fundamental skills on how to write good stories about the sport held at Russian Culture Centre in Dar es Salaam.

“Most people regard karate as the sport which is mainly practiced for the sake of beating others unnecessarily and cause trouble in the areas they live. This is a wrong notion of the sport,” Fedeliko said.

He noted that karate is a discipline oriented defensive sport which is usually used when one has been attacked first such that all ways of negotiations to resolve the matter peacefully without hurting somebody have failed.

“Here, discipline is our number one priority and we teach our students to be humble, avoid conflict and always live peacefully with others,” he said.

He added that the association has extended wings by setting up a special programme, which imparts basic karate skills to people with albinism for them to be able to protect themselves in case they are attacked.

“You may recall that our colleagues (People with Albinism) are constantly attacked by unknown assailants, who are after their body parts as such, we saw it necessary to start this campaign of teaching them karate skills for their safety,” he said.


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Publish date : 2019-03-18 11:34:02

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