Tanzania: Mega Meat Plant Planned

…A Tanzanian-Egyptian venture with a daily slaughtering capacity of 1,500 cows and 4,500 goats

TANZANIA and Egypt are set to construct a mega meat processing plant in the country with a slaughtering capacity of 1,500 cows and 4,500 goats per day.

The plant, ‘Ruvu Integrated Industry’, will provide a relief to livestock keepers since they will sell their livestock at better prices. Upon its completion, the industry is expected to create 5,000 employment opportunities.

Yesterday, the two sides, through National Ranching Company Limited (NARCO) and NECAI of Egypt, signed an agreement for the construction of the plant, to be situated at Ruvu ranch, Bagamoyo District in Coast Region.

Egypt has a vast meat market and this will eventually provide a market for Tanzanian livestock keepers. Tanzania has the third largest livestock population on the African continent, comprising 25 million cattle, 98 per cent of which are indigenous breeds, complemented by 16.7 million goats, eight million sheep, 2.4 million pigs, and 36 million chickens.

The industry is also expected to produce leather products such as shoes, belts, handbags and livestock food. Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina, said the establishment of the plant in Coast Region was a blessing for livestock keepers across the country, who have for years been searching for reliable markets.

“This is the message to other east African countries, SADC and IGAD who have been buying livestock from Tanzania. We are soon going to export processed meat instead of livestock,” he said.

According to Mr Mpina, 1.4 per cent of livestock worldwide are in Tanzania and 11 per cent of African livestock are found in the country. He pointed out, therefore, that supply of raw materials to industries that are being established would be assured.

“The government is continuing with its strategies to improve the livestock sector; such improvements will help to ensure supply of raw materials to the newly established processing industries in the country,” said the minister.

The minister instructed experts from both sides to wind up the feasibility study and make sure the agreement for construction and running of the industry is signed in three months’ time from now.

He also directed government officials from different ministries who are involved in the project to give full cooperation to ensure proper execution of the project.

The officials are from the ministries covering Livestock and Fisheries, Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Trade and Industries, the Attorney General Office and other institutions that will be involved in the feasibility study.

The minister also asked the government of Egypt to continue investing in other livestock and fisheries sectors, especially on the running of the Tanzania Fishing Corporation (TAFICO).

The Egyptian Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Mohamed Gaber Abulwafa, said the signing of the agreement on the establishment of fish processing plant cements the 50 years of good relations between the two countries.

He said Egypt had been attracted to invest in the livestock sector after learning the potentiality and the number of livestock in the country.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Water, Mr Mahmoud Mgimwa, said the fifth phase government was fully determined to spearhead an industrial revolution in the country. He assured the Egyptian envoy that Parliament supports the efforts between Tanzania and Egypt in the establishment of the plant.


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