Tanzania: New Online Platform Introduced to Promote Fish Farming

Dar es Salaam — An online platform called has been introduced to promote investments in fish farming.

Called Jamvi, the platform was established four years ago, but officially started operating last year.

The aim is to encourage people to invest in aquaculture.

Jamvi founder Shadrack Kamfya said by collaborating with fish experts from a consultancy company they were finalising the process of starting a fishpond in Bagamoyo to raise more than 10,000 fish.

He noted that by signing up to their platform they would get Sh10 million to raise that number of fish for sale at around Sh28 million.

“Anyone who wants to join our platform can sign on internet and social media. After that, he/she will be required to invest a maximum capital of Sh1 million to Sh50,000,” he said.

Mr Kamfya said recently that through the online platform they had already started registering people who were interested in investing in tilapia and catfish farm.

“So far the registration process is going on well. We have at least registered 30 people and before end of this month we expect to reach 200 people through an online system.”

According to him, the reason behind establishment of the platform was to create financial freedom and encourage rural empowerment.

“By investing in fish farming, farmers contribute to food security, “he said.

According to him, reports show Tanzania produces 336,821,000 tonnes of fish annually, lower than the demand of 731,000 tonnes.

“We encourage people to invest in fish farming to contribute to food security and fill the gap.”

He explained that since they established the Jamvi platform in 2016 they had been conducting an online pilot study to see how many people invested online. Unfortunately, only a few had knowledge on technology investment.

Mr Kamfya further explained that they were seeking $30,000 to produce 10 tonnes of tilapia and catfish in the next 18 months.

The director of policy and planning in the

Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Obey Assery, said the platform initiative would enable a number of young people to venture in fish farming.


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