Tanzania: JPM Sacks District Police Boss Then Pardons Him After Prayer

Dar es Salaam — It was obviously one of the worst moments for Njombe Officer Commanding District (OCD) Sifael Pyuza when President John Magufuli announced that he (Pyuza) was no longer in charge of the district.

This happened as the Head of State addressed a public rally in Njombe.

But this order lasted only minutes as President Magufuli later announced to have forgiven him after a prayer by Pastor Ibrahim Mtonyole of the Evangelical Assemblies of God Tanzania (EAGT).

Dr Magufuli accused Mr Pyuza of sleeping on the job end of last year and early this year as unknown people abducted and killed several children on different occasions in the region. The killings were linked to superstitious beliefs. Some perpetrators were said to believe that using body parts in rituals could bring them riches, success, power or enhance their virility.

Already, Njombe RPC Renata Mzinga has since been relieved of her responsibilities and transferred.

The Head of State, therefore, wondered why the OCD of Njombe had not been taken to task.

“Is the OCD here? He also must leave. We must reach a point whereby we can be accountable for our actions. Seven children died. You must be held accountable,” said President Magufuli, shortly before laying down the foundation stone for the construction of the Njombe-Makete Road.

Shortly after the speech, President Magufuli told Njombe residents to repent for the sins and asked a pastor to pray.

“I now ask for a religious leader to lead prayers. Njombe is a wonderful place but these killings have tainted the region’s reputation. This habit must stop. If there is a pastor here, come forward and pray so that people can repent,” said President Magufuli.

It was after the prayers, led by Pastor Mtonyole that President Magufuli decided to rescind his decision over the OCD.”Thank you very much for the prayer. The OCD is now forgiven. We have all been forgiven by God. All Njombe residents must now go and work hard and stop depending on the Satan,” said President Magufuli.

The 107.4-kilometre Njombe-Makete Road will cost a Sh224.56 billion.

Mr Pyuza later told The Citizen that he was happy that he has been forgiven and promised to work extra harder for the general good of Njombe residents.

Apart from the road, President Magufuli also laid the foundation stone for the construction of the regional referral hospital in Njombe.


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