Tanzania: Publish IMF Report, Prof Lipumba Tells Finance Minister

Dar es Salaam — The Civic United Front party chairman, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, has advised the minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Philip Mpango, to allow the publication of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s report detailing Tanzania’s economic situation so that Tanzanians can know what is inside the report.


We have not blocked IMF report, says govt

Speaking to reporters on April 23 in Dar Salaam, Prof Lipumba, a renowned economist, said even if the government was not satisfied with the report, the solution was not to hide it.

“Preventing the report is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot. We, as ordinary members of the public, are the ones who are prevented from reading it. MPs, particularly during this time of budgetary session, are supposed to read that report,” said Prof Lipumba.

“The government has the report, IMF has it too, the US has it, China has it too and Germany as well. If they hold it up, others know about its content. Let them allow its publication and if there is something that they disagree, they will explain,” insisted Prof Lipumba.

He said the IMF’s lower prediction about Tanzania’s economic growth is found in the World Economic Outlook, which is on IMF’s website.

“To be transparent, the report should be discussed, especially during this time when MPs are in Parliament.”

He said the effects of the drop is already being felt, despite huge estimates of the development budget, whereby funds were not disbursed.


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