Tanzania: Magufuli Spits Fire Over Growing Immorality

PRESIDENT Magufuli yesterday expressed his anger at a growing tendency of some individuals involved in criminal acts such as killings, rapes and defilement of children expecting to get riches.

The Head of State expressed his anger when he was addressing Chunya residents at Sabasaba grounds. He cited a sad incident whereby a six-year old child was defiled by Mr Iddi Said Sekeni in 2016 in Mbeya City.

President learnt about the incident at a rally in Mbeya City on Friday after the mother of the child, Ms Salum Mwalembe, courageously informed him about the incident and the troubles she had been facing when she was seeking justice for her child.

According to the President, he had directed his aides and law enforcers to establish the truth, including a report on how the case was conducted and the verdict issued.

Sharing a brief report yesterday with members of the public on how the issue was handled, President Magufuli said after the child was defiled, Ms Mwalembe sought justice from law enforcers, but things proved to be difficult for her as she received little help.

Sometimes she was put in police custody when she tried to seek justice from the police. “Since perseverance pays,” the President said, “Ms Mwalembe went a step further to seek help from former Mbeya Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro, who decided to take the issue and directed law enforcers to take action before the case was filed under Mbeya Resident Magistrate called Mteite.”

The President said the man went missing for some time while the case was running and Mr Mteite finally sentenced him to a life sentence in absentia.

According to the President, since he was sentenced in absentia, law enforcers continued hunting for him before they arrested and took him to Luanda Prison on April 4, 2018.

He said the evidence availed, including a photograph of Sekeni, showed the convict was indeed at Luanda Prison serving life imprisonment sentence.

The President commended Resident Magistrate Mteite for standing firm for justice and called upon the Judiciary to include his name (Mteite) on the list of candidates to be considered for promotion into the position of High Court Judge should his credentials favour him.

Equally, the President hailed the police for standing up for justice by hunting for the fugitive convict until they arrested him.

Since the health condition of the now nine-year child is bad, President Magufuli directed regional authorities led by Mbeya RC, Dr Albert Chalamila, to ensure the child was treated on government expenses, including taking her to school if the child was not at school.

“These practices are now becoming a disease. We had cases of limbs of people with albinism being cut off. Then, came cases of children being killed. We can’t go this way,” he insisted.

The President called upon other leaders to borrow a leaf from RC Kandoro as he stood firm to defend people’s rights and justice. “We should never turn a blind eye to all these evil deeds.

If someone thinks by defiling a child he is like to strike a huge piece of diamond just take him to law enforcement organs to get what he deserves,” President Magufuli insisted.


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