Tanzania: Tasaf Beneficiaries Turn to Avocado Farming

BENEFICIARIES of the country’s poverty alleviation scheme under the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) in Ikelu Village in Makambako Town council have embarked on commercial avocado farming project to maintain more sustained incomes for their families.

Avocado farming has gained momentum amid increased domestic awareness on global opportunities of the ‘green gold’ in foreign countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and U nited Arab Emirates, besides the European market.

TASAF Monitoring Officer at Makambako Town Council, Mr Edwin Mlowe said yesterday the key focus of the avocado farming project is to promote a spirit of self-help among beneficiary communities by increasing their capacity to identify, prioritise, implement and manage their own sustainable development initiatives.

“The beneficiary community at Ikelu Village was introduced to several public work projects and knowledge on the benefits of each.

Their task was to select one among them and funds for implementing the project are issued by TASAF,” he told a team of journalists who are visiting TASAF implemented projects in the region which are being funded by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Mr Mlowe noted through sustainable avocado plantation, for which its growth is expected to take place within two to three years, beneficiaries will be in a position to support their lives, children education, grow their economies and health needs.

The Chairman of the Avocado Project, Msifuni Kitamkanga pointed out that the project began last year with preparation of a small nursery for avocado seedlings.

“The nursery maintained up to 9,050 seedlings which were then distributed to the beneficiaries, a school farm at Ikelu Primary School, members of the community management committee (CMC) and teachers,” said Kitamkanga.

Kitamkanga observed that by the time they are all matured, it is anticipated the beneficiaries will reap a lot of benefits due to harvest.

Besides, the benefits obtained through the harvest, the beneficiaries usually get wages paid to them for a period of one year in the course of the project implementation. W hereby each person gets 2,300/- daily.

The Head Teacher at Ikelu Primary School, Mr Albert Mihale extended appreciation to the government and TASAF for introducing the project.

Mr Mihale pointed out that the school also maintains about 50 pupils originating from poor households, therefore the project is going to benefit them through school supplies among other needs.


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