Tanzania: Mining Act-Linked Claims False – Biteko

THE Minister for Minerals, Mr Doto Biteko, has assured investors in the mining sector that the recent amendments in the Mining Act do not discourage investment in the country as some people are alleging.

He took a swipe at those who were discouraging investors on the grounds that the amendments in the legislation were unfriendly.

The minister spoke during a meeting with a delegation from Ngwena Tanzania Limited Company after the company’s management booked an appointment to seek clarification on the law.

Mr Biteko pointed out that misleading information on the amendments was being manufactured and spread by ill-intentioned people within and outside the country, to discourage potential investors in the mining sector.

“Since amendments were endorsed by the National Assembly, we have not received any complaints from stakeholders because they considered the interests of both parties-the government and investors,” he explained.

Adding that not a single mining company had shut down its operations because of the legislative amendments.

The minister further said that Tanzania needs all investors and that in should any investment-related bottlenecks emerge, the government was ready to initiate dialogue and look for an immediate solution.

He asked the management of Ngena Tanzania Limited Company to deliver a message to other investors that the rumours that the amendments were not friendly on investments were unfounded and didn’t contain any grain of truth.


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Publish date : 2019-06-07 11:29:03

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