Uganda: Family Secures Court Order to Exhume Priest's Body

Court in Mbale has issued an order allowing the police and the family to exhume the remains of the late Rev Fr Peter Kasooli Bwayo who was allegedly buried with unspecified treasures in July 2014.

The order was issued on Monday by the Mbale Grade One Magistrate, Mr Daniel Epobu, to the deceased's older brother Mr Clement Bwayo and Mr Fredrick Sam Were a police officer attached to the Elgon region police station.

Court ordered that police doctors exhume the deceased's remains to carry out a postmortem to ascertain the cause of death and also a DNA test to determine the identity of the remains.

"It is therefore ordered as follows; the remains of Rev Fr Peter Kasooli Bwayo be exhumed and a postmortem conducted to ascertain the cause of death, and that a D.N.A test be conducted to ascertain the identity of the remains," the Magistrate ordered.

Mr Epobu also ordered that the police and the family will meet their own costs of exhuming the remains, postmortem and D.N.A tests.

Last week, Daily Monitor broke a story about how suspected "treasures" in the grave had sparked a row between the family of the late Rev Fr Peter Kasooli Bwayo and some priests from the Apostles of Jesus, a Catholic Church congregation he belonged too.

The family reported a homicide case to the police after reportedly receiving information that the priests were planning to exhume the remains and take away their "treasured" that was lowed with the casket.

The late Fr Bwayo was pronounced dead on June 24, 2014 in Frorida, US after reportedly staying in coma for three weeks following an incident in which he collapsed at the place of work in the Diocese of St Petersburg.

Despite attaining US citizenship, his remains were returned to Uganda and it is at the arrival at Entebbe International Airport and during the burial process that the family became suspicious of foul play.

Mr Clement Bwayo, who attained the court order to exhume the remains said that the family was never allowed to check the body of their son that was returned with a number of "fake" documents.


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