Uganda: Umeme Faulted for Delayed Power Connections

Three in 10 Ugandans applying for connection to the power grid are not getting timely service, the latest Consumer Complaints Report indicates.

The report, which covers the period between July and September 2018, attributes the applicants’ frustration to shortage of metres. The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), which compiled reports, says it will write to the main distributior, Umeme, to address the applicants’ concerns.

“A compliance order to Umeme is being drafted to encourage Umeme to maximise utilisation of its resources and to achieve the most appropriate outcomes in accordance with the quality of service standards,” the report reads in part.

Quality of Service Standard No. 2 says it should take not more than 15 working days to connect customers seeking single-phase and three-phase (light industrial) connections.

Umeme communications manager Stephen Ilungole said: “We outperformed our targets on all other parameters, but faced a small challenge with a spike in demand that slightly affected new connections planning.

We planned to connect 200,000 customers this year but several donor partners joined in with more support and new targets. Only single-phase customers were affected [by delayed connections].

As part of the standards compliance process, more than 10,000 of our metres have been with UNBS for testing for the past two months. Because they are testing metre per metre, it is taking quite long, hence the delays in new connections process….”


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Publish date : 2018-10-29 08:11:29

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