Uganda: 1300 People At Risk As New Crack Emerges On Mt. Elgon

An estimated 1,312 people in Bududa district are at risk of yet another natural disaster after the emergence of wide pre-landslide cracks appeared on Mt. Elgon, less than a month after mudslides claimed lives of over 50 people.

Bududa district chairperson, Wilson Watira, says the cracks have emerged in Bumushiso and Namasongo parishes in Bushika sub-county threatening the safety of hundreds of residents.

“It was also reported after it had rained a bit, that some cracks had developed up in Bushika sub-county affecting about two parishes… we dispatched a team yesterday [Tuesday], it went there and verified that indeed there’s a very big worry about those cracks, they are very wide cracks. We’ve also told people to start shifting from that area to either go to relatives or to the church which is located in a safer area.” said Watira.

Moses Siisa, the Bumayoka sub-county LCIII chairperson says the crack that is estimated to be about a kilometre long stretches from Bumayoka to Bulucheke sub-county. He says the crack goes through Nabutsasi, Bukheaneje and Mayabilo villages and affects about 55 households.

Peter Wambalo, a resident of Bumayoka sub-county appeals to government to relocate them to a safer area. “We pray that government comes to our rescue,” he said.

The cracks in Bushika sub-county come as government is still fidgeting with resettling dozens of households in Bukalasi sub-county district affected by recent mudslides which claimed more than 50 lives and displaced several others.

The mudslides were triggered by flooding when river Suume broke its banks sweeping down everything within path.


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Publish date : 2018-11-01 12:48:46

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